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I live for the simple things

For those of you who have taken a wander through, and read my blog, you're probably wondering - where's the theme? Where's the images?

I don't have any of that, and it's due to my taste for the simple things. Not minimalism - that's something else.

I do not live a minimalist lifestyle, and probably never will. I have far too many hobbies and buy far too many cool tech gadgets that I only use for single purposes. I've seen minimalism, and although everything seems to stay clean, I can't abide by not having what I need when I need it, or going without something potentially useful. Although a true minimalist doesn't give up functionality, it's just....not how I am.

I choose to define my aesthetic as "simple" and I like it like that. For this site, it's just words on a page, and that's all this site needs to do. I selected a comfortable color scheme that doesn't use light mode(shudders) and picked a nice easy-to-read font(I stand by the statement that Google's Quicksand font looks good on everything, everywhere). You're here to read my words, and that's all that happens here. No images, no ads, no tracking, nothing but a few words. My website and /now page are the same, just what they're meant for and nothing else. It’s literally called “nico’s blog” for two reasons - one, that’s all it is, and two, I couldn’t think of a better title. I envy some of these people who come up with clever titles(“the Reason”, “Concorde”, and “Chrysalism” are all here on

This extends out to me being picky about software - for those of you who don't know, I had quite the rant about Kbin, when trying to spin up my instance. I ended up hosting Lemmy on instead, and the reasons are listed there on Essentially, if I'm expected to host software on my server, it should be as easy as downloading a docker-compose(or for native software, a script), setting my variables, and running it. Some great examples of software that adhere to this are Netdata, Lemmy, Owncloud's OCIS, and Jellyfin. I did not enjoy how Kbin didn't have this ready to go, but to be fair, it's extremely beta software, so of course, I'll patiently wait for stable release.

However, I'd like to glare at Misskey, Mastodon, and Pixelfed for not doing this themselves. I'd love to run more fediverse software on my server, but you're not making it easy. If the software is ready for me to run, hand it to me, let me set my variables like domain and storage location, and let 'er rip.

On the subject of native software, I'd like to give a shout-out to Netdata, restic, rclone, and iperf3 for being the epitome of what good CLI software should be. Netdata has basically a config file for everything in a consistent and single folder, and has substantial documentation. Restic just reads from a file or a few env variables so that backing up my computer is as simple as restic backup /home/nico to back up my home folder to Backblaze. Rclone has a dead-simple built in config utility. iperf3 just makes sense - iperf3 $Destination with outstanding flag syntax - p for port, -R for reverse, etc.

Here's to the simple, easy-to-use software that doesn't make my life a pain, and a raspberry to the software that requires time and effort in order to use. I'd rather be just using software rather than trying to make it work.



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