nico’s blog


Hello, and welcome to my blog! It's fairly new and shiny, so I'm not sure what's going here yet. So far, I've had some thoughts that I've just had to get out there somewhere, and they went here. I could write a bit of a journal, or daily updates, or some clever prose.

While I figure that out, you can subscribe to RSS, Atom, or JSON at any time, from any page on the blog, just by putting the links from the bottom of the page into your favorite reader. When I post something new, it'll show right up in your feed. An email newsletter would be convenient - but as we're just getting started, I've tabled it for later. Or, if you're particularly dedicated, I supposed you could just check back here once a day - but I'm sure you have better things to do. :)

Were you expecting something about myself? I have a website for that - you can find it here.